Augustow heritage canal tourMeerdaagse kanotochten

Start this trip at the old mill, go through three locks (Sluices). This canal was built between 1825-39, older than the Suez and Panama canals. You will finish at the Biebrza national park. No need to carry the canoe. You will see plaenty of beaver activity and birds, cranes and large raptors and of course storks. Distance about 35 kms, two days paddling.Easy flat paddling, good for beginners.

The Queen of Polish rivers,the river biebrza tourMeerdaagse kanotochten

This tour can be started at various locations, the length is about 150 kms, this is a slow meandering river, most of it flows through the national park, there is no need to carry the canoe . You will hear and see lots of birds, there are campsites along the way and down stream you can rest in hostels. One of Europes most famous bird watching sites and of course the red marshes, home to the largest population of Elk in the country.This trip can take several days.

The Papal route, the Czarna hancza.Meerdaagse kanotochten

This river has its source at Polands deepest lake, when the Pope was young this was one of his favourite canoeing routes. It flows through forests and meadows for about 80 kms and then joins the Augustow canal. There can be several obstacles and at times there is a slight current. There are plenty of hostels and campsites on this route. Remember you will be paddling through the territory of the wolf and lynx. No need to carry the canoe unless you come across a big obstacle.

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